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Happy Easter everyone! I decided to do a last minute giveaway! Just like or reblog this post and message me telling me what you want. Pokemon I have this time:

-Shiny Buneary

-Shiny Audino                                                                                     

-Shiny Azumarill

-Shiny Spinda

-Shiny Exeggcute

-Shiny Togepi

-Shiny Wigglytuff

-Shiny Whismur

-Shiny Torchic

The giveaway ends at midnight. If you do not respond in 24 hours, you will not receive your Pokemon.


"Charmanders are red, squirtles are blue, if you were a pokemon, i’d choose you.  Your smile is stronger than a hyperbreath.  Like Jesse and James, we’d make the perfect team.  I’ll stay by your side like Pikachu and ash, and i’ll love you more than a level 80 rapidash.  You’re more legendary than a zapador, Entei or Mew, but out of all the 150, I choose you."

Theres a pokeball cupcake and a picture of two cute guys.

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